Monday, March 26, 2007

Good Example of Non-Linear Presentation from UPS

UPS, the package delivery people, have a current ad campaign going on centered around a man drawing on a whiteboard. I like many of the ads because they use effective graphics to visually make the point. I went over to the campaign web site at and found something even more interesting. They have a great example of a non-linear approach to their information. Sure, every web site has a menu, but what they have done differently is that they have their whiteboard guy give you context, briefly explain each option, then invite you to choose where you want to go. Go check it out to see what I mean. The lesson for presenters is to think non-linearly and invite your audience to pick where they want to go. Imagine a sales presentation that doesn't drone on and on about the company and the product, but instead gives you options of what is most important to you in the buying decision and lets you direct the presentation to get the information you really need. That would be different than 98% of the sales presentations given each day. Being different is not the point. Being more useful to the audience in giving them what they need is the point. A non-linear presentation is one way to do this. If you need to learn how to create and deliver a non-linear presentation, check out my webinar on it at .


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