Friday, March 02, 2007

Why some templates don't work very well

A recent presentation showed once again why many of the built-in template that come with PowerPoint should not be used. The template that the presenter used was one that had graphics at the top of each slide. When you have graphics at the top, the slide title is below or inside the graphics and the content of the slide is pushed further down the slide. Here's the problem. When your content gets closer to the bottom of the screen, it increases the likelihood that the audience members sitting in row 2 or beyond have no hope of seeing what is in the bottom 10-15% of the slide since they can't see past the heads in front of them. Most screens are set too low, which hides the bottom part of the slide behind the heads of the people in front of you. Plan for this possibility and put any branding or graphics at the bottom of the screen, so the content gets pushed up and everyone sees it.


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