Friday, January 19, 2007

Finding commands in PowerPoint 2007

On January 30th, the new version of Microsoft Office goes on sale to the public and will be the version that you get pre-installed on a new computer. As I have mentioned before, the user interface is quite different from the drop down list of commands under menus that we are all familiar with. The new interface relies on ribbons of commands instead. When you first start using the new version, you will have to learn where the commands you want to use are now located. What if you can't find that favourite command? Well, there is a solution. Microsoft has created a web based tool to help users find PowerPoint 2003 commands in the new PowerPoint 2007 ribbon interface.

Go to and you can start this Flash based tool that will help you find that command in the new interface. You navigate in this tool to the command using the existing PowerPoint 2003 menus, then they show you where to find that command in the PowerPoint 2007 ribbon interface. And since this is a web based tool, you will be able to have it open while working in PowerPoint and switch between the two while you get used to where your favourite commands are now located. This is sure to save you time and frustration in getting used to the new interface.


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