Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Presentation on today's Oprah show

Yesterday I wrote about how we are all going to be compared to great presentations that our audience's see and little did I know that today's Oprah show featured Al Gore and his presentation on global warming. Watch how he uses rich graphics, video and almost no text. See how he uses callouts on his graphics to make the point clearer to the audience. The reason that this presentation has been turned into a best selling documentary DVD is that the audience gets what he is talking about. Is it because he is a great speaker? No. It is because his presentation captures the heart with the visuals that demonstrate what he is saying. A great use of both pathways to the brain. He tells a story with pictures. Would the presentation be as compelling with a series of bullet point slides? No way! The lesson for all presenters: You need to think very hard about the slides you use and how you can make them more visual. That's why my new e-book gives examples (39 slide examples) of how to Transform Text Slides into Visual Slides. Click here to get your copy.


Blogger NormaG said...

or perhaps his successful presentation was really due to the talent of the Duarte team?

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