Friday, November 10, 2006

How not to use a presentation remote

I am a strong advocate of using a presentation remote to advance your PowerPoint slides. It is a professional way to present and gets you away from the computer and closer to the audience. But I recently saw an example of how not to use a remote. The presenter had one of the nice small remotes that fit in your hand, but for some reason kept it in his jacket pocket. And kept his one hand in the pocket to work the remote. I am not sure if he thought that the audience should be dazzled by how the slides changed without him going to the computer or if he was taught that the audience should never see the remote. But it certainly looked strange. It made for an awkward pose while he was speaking and I am still not sure for what benefit. If you are using a presentation remote, get one of the small ones that fit in your hand and hold on to it during your presentation, don't hide it. This allows you to be more relaxed looking and use normal hand gestures since both hands are free to move.


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