Wednesday, December 20, 2006

If the audience changes, so should your presentation

I met recently with a new client who wants my help in creating a presentation for an upcoming meeting with their company executives. They have an existing presentation on the topic, so why do they need my help? Because the audience has changed. The existing presentation is for detail oriented staff who need to know all the numbers and facts in this division. But executives don't. If you use a presentation geared for specialists to present to executives, you will lose them within two minutes. Executives need high-level strategic information. Their job is not to deal with details, but to make strategic decisions on where to invest the organization's resources - time and people. For each presentation, always go back to the start of the presentation structure process and determine if the goal and audience have changed. If so, time to relook at your presentation and come up with one that meets the new goal and takes into account the audience you will be presenting to.


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