Friday, December 22, 2006

Why buy a PowerPoint background template when you can create your own?

The most searched for term in the area of PowerPoint are phrases around background templates. This is the basic look of your slides. There is an entire industry devoted to cranking out new templates for you to buy. They aren't going to like what I am about to say. Save your money! Why buy one when you can create a background template that is much more effective than most out there and will be completely unique to your presentations? The template industry would like you to believe that you need a degree in graphics and high-end software to create templates, but you don't (they don't tell you that do they). You just need to know what colors & fonts work, how to lay it out and the steps to do it in PowerPoint. That's why I have released my new e-book "Create Your Own PowerPoint Template" based on my webinar from earlier this year. Check it out by clicking here.


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