Sunday, March 04, 2007

Lessons from an Academy Award winning presentation

Last week the movie "An Inconvenient Truth", based on a presentation by the same name, won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Film. Earlier this year I watched the movie and wrote an article on what lessons presenters can learn from the presentation and how the message is being spread by Al Gore and others his organization has trained to deliver the presentation. Check it out at .


Blogger DJosephDesign said...

YES! That contained a couple points that I have been trying to make among the presentation industry for several years.

Get away from text and use visuals.

If you use visuals, the 10/20/30 rule no longer applies.

The organization really leading in this is Answers in Genesis, with their lead speaker Ken Ham. The only time that he uses a text slide is when he's reading a direct quotation.

But still, the corporate presenters out there will scream that this is Fisher Price, and belongs nowhere in the business world. If you don't want to excite your audience, then okay.

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