Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Are your presentations delivering valuable information?

A recent survey by Accenture of more than 1,000 middle managers in the US and UK found, among other findings, that 53% of the respondents said that less than half of the information they receive is valuable. With presentations becoming an increasingly popular way to communicate information, this suggests to me that many presentations are not effective at communicating information that managers can use. I know that may not come as a surprise to those of you who sit through these boring presentations day after day. I suspect that many of these poor presentations are done by specialists and analysts who deliver "data dump" presentations, thinking that what they are delivering is information. One of the key points I make in my new ebook "Presenting Data to Executives" is that there is a big difference between data and information. Information is the result of analyzing data and determining what it means to someone else. This takes more work and thought, but would cut down dramatically on the time managers and executives spend sitting through useless presentations. If your team is stuck in the "data dump" rut, email me to chat about how we can deliver a customized session that breaks the routine and delivers better information. If you want to pick up the ebook, click here.


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