Friday, May 02, 2008

Will you join The Visual Slide Revolution?

You've had enough of the overloaded text slides that most presenters use. You've seen a few people use visuals instead of bullet paragraphs and it is so much more effective. But you figure that you'd need some graphic design training and thousands of dollars of software and equipment to create visuals for your presentations.

Not so.

There is an easy five step method that will show you how to create persuasive visuals using the software you already have. Get ready to join The Visual Slide Revolution.

As one of my blog readers, you know the valuable ideas I share with you regularly. Now I've captured the process I use for transforming overloaded text slides in a new book, The Visual Slide Revolution.

In this book, I walk you through my five step KWICK method that will have you looking at your presentation slides in a whole new way. You will have the knowledge to transform your current presentations and create new slides that drive your message home like never before.

When I present the KWICK method during my workshops, people are able to use the ideas immediately. They've told me that after hearing these ideas, they have changed their approach and their presentations are much more powerful than ever before. You now have that opportunity.

Go to to check out all the details. I am even letting people read one chapter for free because I am convinced that once you grasp the power of the ideas, you'll realize your long search for a better way to present is now over.

Because some of you prefer a printed book and some prefer an electronic book, I am publishing The Visual Slide Revolution in both printed and e-book formats. Go to now to get your copy.


Blogger Timo said...


I follow your Blog for some time now and like your suggestions for enhancing presentations.

Therefore, I was quite curious about your book and had a look at the test chapter.

Well, frankly, I have expected a book about a more visual presentation style to be visually more "pleasing". Maybe, I expected something like Presentation Zen - but maybe different.

I wonder: are there more before-after-examples in the other chapters? How does your book relate to other presentation books like Presentation Zen or Beyond Bullet Points?


3:56 PM  
Blogger Dave Paradi said...


Thanks for the question and yes, there are plenty of before and after examples in chapter 5. In fact, there are more than 50 examples not including the two sample slides that are made over step by step in each chapter.



8:21 AM  

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