Saturday, October 17, 2009

Are you following these thought leaders?

During my keynote presentation at PowerPoint Live this week I engaged the audience in coming up with a list of thought leaders in the area of effective communication using presentations. I started them off with three sites and they added twelve more. There are some on this list that I haven’t heard of and will be starting to check out. Here is the list of sites that they came up with:
The blog at
Carmine Gallo’s column at – powerpoint blog

I was humbled by the comments from some of the PowerPoint MVPs that my web site should be added to the list, so if you haven’t visited already, it is at

I’d be interested to hear what thought leaders you are following that aren’t on this list. Add the sites in the comments section below so we can all learn from them.


Blogger Chantal Bossé said...

Hi Dave,

With the comments I received recently, I think I can consider my blog a good reference for the French speaking presentation community (


11:18 AM  

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