Monday, November 17, 2008

Plan what happens before and after your presentation

I was at a meeting recently where there would be a number of things happening, one being a presentation using slides. The projector wasn't needed the whole time, just for this one part. And when that part was over, it would not be needed again. Unfortunately, the people running the meeting didn't plan what to do before or after the projector was used. They left the edit view of PowerPoint on before the slides were used and returned to the edit view after they were done.

What could they have done better? And what should you do if you are running a meeting that uses slides for one part but not others? Plan for it.

Before or after the slides need to be used, do one of the following:
a) Insert a black slide in the presentation and display it while the slides are not in use.
b) Press the "B" key on the keyboard to toggle to a black slide while they are not being used.
c) Add slides that simply indicate what this section is about, such as a slide with the speaker's name and title or a slide with a picture of a landscape while music is playing. Use these slides to add visuals to the other sections of the agenda so that there is a consistency to having a visual with each section.

By planning for how the projector and screen will be used throughout the entire time the audience is watching, you provide a seamless experience for the audience and don't have any distractions to take their focus away from the messages being presented.


Blogger Rowan Manahan said...

Hi Dave,

Solid thinking - so many events are marred by forgetting to attend to these little details.

If I'm the sole talker, or if I'm coming on after a break, I leave a cycling presentation of quotes and aphorisms running and then go to black screen after my talk. I put a few of them up on my SlideShare page.

A simple use of hyperlinks on an agenda slide by the organiser can tie all the talks for a whole day together very effectively too.

2:24 PM  

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