Saturday, February 23, 2008

Benefit of being an iStockPhoto member

One of the best web sites to find photos that you can use in your PowerPoint presentations is It has a huge library of high quality photos at very reasonable prices. After you become a member (which is free to do), you can set your account to automatically send you the weekly Contact Sheet newsletter. Now I know what you are thinking, Why do I need yet another e-mail when my Inbox is already overflowing? Well, there's a benefit for this one. You see in each issue of the newsletter, they offer two free photo downloads. That's right, two high quality photos that you can download for no cost. Sometimes the photo is one you won't ever use, like this week's one of an arm being tatooed. But if you take the 60 seconds to download the ones you might use, you can start building your photo library with high quality images for free. Check it out at the link above and join today.


Blogger Unknown said...


Thanks for that graet tip ! I signed up right away !

Do also check out, a site which offers FREE images. I believe advertising agents dip into this site regularly !

7:49 AM  
Blogger Steve Duncan said...

I love iStockPhoto! While you can find stuff other places for free, sometimes, it's a lot easier to just buy it from them. It's also awesome that you can choose the download resolution.

1:24 PM  

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