Friday, January 25, 2008

Get Free PowerPoint Training from Microsoft

One of the questions that usually comes up during my workshops is how people can learn the skills to implement some of the ideas that I share. As you probably know, my workshops aren’t technical training where I show how to use the software. I show participants how to design and create persuasive visuals that are effective at selling their ideas, products and services. If you need to learn how to use animation, draw shapes, incorporate audio and video or other key skills, you should first check out the training videos that Microsoft has posted on their web site.

If you use PowerPoint 2003, go to
If you use PowerPoint 2007, go to

These videos will give you the basic skill training that you need to get started in that area and you can take the training at your convenience and usually in less than one hour. Check them out before you sign up for a technical training course or buy a book.


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