Monday, September 25, 2006

The Power of a Great Visual

My wife just got back from a convention last night and when we talked about the sessions, one experience stood out for her. She described how the head of the organization started the conference by painting a gate on a fence on the stage. She went on to explain how leaders need to deal with problems and that involves getting messy. What she did next shocked everyone. She started painting her clothes and body with the red fence paint to illustrate how leaders need to get messy. Right on her expensive suit! And then five other leaders came out and proceeded to paint their clothes and selves with the red paint. The message was unmistakable. And one my wife and the other attendees will never forget. The point is this. What visuals are you using that will weld your ideas to the mind of each person sitting in your audience? And it doesn't have to be using PowerPoint, although it could. Great messages are not only about words, but the pictures our audiences create in their own world based on our visuals, stories and words. What great visual would work for your next presentation that will have people talking about your message for years to come?


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