Sunday, July 23, 2006

Automatic hyperlinks on PowerPoint slides

If you are going to use a web site URL on a PowerPoint slide, be careful of the automatic link feature. What happens is that after you enter the web site name (ie., PowerPoint recognizes that it is a web site and automatically turns the text into a hyperlink to that web site. The problem is that by turning it into a hyperlink, it also affects how that text is displayed. The default for hyperlinks is usually dark blue text underlined. This causes the text to stand out from the other text on the slide when usually all you wanted to do is give your audience a reference to a useful site. It can also cause the text to almost disappear as I saw recently when someone was using a black background and the dark blue text was almost invisible against the black. To remove the hyperlink and restore the look of the text, right click on the text and click on Remove Hyperlink from the sub-menu that appears.


Blogger dogguy said...

Is there any way in powerpoint to have the program automatically link to a website in auto playback. We intend to use Powerpoint as an electronic bullentin board and we would like to link to a weather site occassionally.

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