Saturday, March 06, 2010

New book: 102 Tips to Communicate More Effectively Using PowerPoint

Since you subscribe to my blog, I am pretty safe in assuming that you create and deliver presentations regularly and that your success depends on those presentations being effective. I know you use PowerPoint, but you probably feel that you could be more effective with some tips and new ideas, that’s why you subscribe to the blog. You don’t have time to attend a multi-day course and you sure don’t want a thick technical manual. You’re looking for more practical, proven tips that you can apply right away to make a difference in your next presentation.

I’ve got just what you are looking for.

My new, just released book, 102 Tips to Communicate More Effectively Using PowerPoint, is packed with the type of information you have been searching for. These short, practical tips are proven to make a difference in the types of presentations you have to create and deliver every day. Whether you are a manager, sales professional, analyst, trainer, educator or someone who supports people in any of these roles, you will find ideas you can use to increase the impact of your presentations.

These aren’t theories or unproven thoughts. Each of the tips is short and practical. You can quickly read them and apply them in your own presentation. I’ve organized the tips into categories that are ordered in the sequence you usually go through to create and deliver your presentation. You’ll be easily able to find tips when you need them as you move through the process of preparing for and delivering your presentation.

I’ve made the book available in either printed or e-book format, whichever you prefer. Go to for all the details, including what type of tips are covered and the great bonus material that will help you apply the tips in your own presentations.

Thanks for your continuing support!


P.S. Feel free to can pass this on to others who want to communicate more effectively using PowerPoint.


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