Sunday, December 20, 2009

Passing the torch in your presentation

Yesterday the Vancouver 2010 Olympic torch relay passed through our city. It was a very special event since it is not something that you see very often. As my family and I watched one torch bearer pass the flame to the next torch bearer, I was reminded of when presenters in team presentations hand off the presentation to the next presenter. Watch the video below and notice how the first torch bearer is excited to see the next torch bearer, the next runner is prepared to accept the flame, how they pass the flame in a planned way and how the second torch bearer immediately starts his run.

When you are passing the presentation on to the next presenter in a team presentation, do as the torch bearers do. Give an enthusiastic reception to the next presenter, turn the presentation over to them with a planned and rehearsed introduction, and then let them immediately start running with the presentation. When you are the next presenter in this situation, be prepared for the handoff and be ready to start running as soon as the presentation is passed to you.

By planning and practicing the handoffs between presenters, you keep the flame burning brightly in a team presentation.


Blogger Andy said...

Great video and post Dave! You made a thoughtful analogy to the torch ceremony. Keep up the fantastic posts!

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