Thursday, July 16, 2009

NCAA Football program uses PowerPoint

I found this article (at that shares how the University of Tennessee football players find that they have been able to absorb their playbook quicker because of the PowerPoint slides that the coaches have used. I haven’t seen these slides, but I think we can probably make a couple of observations.

First, PowerPoint is only one tool to use when teaching a new skill. It is quite obvious in football that practicing what is taught is essential. It is the same with any skill in business. People need to have time to practice what you are teaching or sharing. Make sure that your presentation is not just PowerPoint, but interactive as well when you are teaching.

Second, I am guessing that the PowerPoint slides being used to show football plays include animation showing the movement of the different players. There are great ways to use animation on slides to demonstrate movement. But it doesn’t mean that animation should be used to make text and shapes fly all over the slide. I have always said in my workshops that movement is useful when it has a purpose, not when it is used to entertain. Use animation wisely.


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