Friday, July 11, 2008

Worst & Best in Legal Presentations

Recently the Legal Technology section of asked some prominent attornies and law association professionals what the worst mistakes are using PowerPoint and about the best use they have seen. The full article is at

Observations from the comments:
1. Connecting the laptop to the projector is still an issue, especially in situations where the projector is not your own and you don't know what resolution it may be. Always best to run your slide show in a standard resolution, like 1024 x 768, to help reduce these problems.

2. The mis-use of animation continues to be a problem. I don't advocate eliminating animation, in fact I suggest careful use of it in my book "The Visual Slide Revolution". But the gratuitous use of wild effects does nothing but annoy. Interesting to hear that audiences actually are starting to laugh out loud at some of the antics.

3. Not taking time to check your slides before you present and having information from a previous client presentation show up seems to plague some people. I know we are all pressed for time, but that doesn't mean we should ignore some of the basics of communication. Use a slide library of generic slides to create each presentation instead of copying slides from a previous deck and you can avoid these sorts of issues. I'll have more on using a slide library in the next few weeks.


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