Thursday, October 04, 2007

Use a remote for more than changing slides

I have advocated for years that presenters should use a remote instead of being tethered to the keyboard. But I see far too many presenters use it only to change slides. All the points come up on each slide when the slide appears and the audience is left to figure out which point the speaker is discussing now. If you have a remote, use it to build each point on your slides. Then you can speak about each point separately and the audience knows exactly which point you are talking about. It shows that you have taken your skills to the next level.


Blogger Susan Trivers said...

You have many great ideas that would improve a vast number of business presentations. I disagree with this one though for this reason--when a speaker uses a remote to put one bullet at a time up on the screen, he/she is treating the audience like infants. Audiences are so used to multi-media everywhere that they can easily 'get' a slide with more that one bullet on it.

The fix is not building bullet by bullet, it's starting with better slides in the first place. Then the presenter has toknow their content and be polished in the delivery of the content.

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