Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Importance of a Structure for your PowerPoint presentation

I was working with a new consulting client yesterday and it emphasized the importance of having a good structure before you start developing slides. He called me becuase he has an important presentation coming up at the major conference for one of his client groups and he needs to make a great impression. We started yesterday by me asking questions and then doing lots of listening. By the time he was done about an hour later, I had figured out what the four key points of his 30 minute presentation were going to be and had organized some of the key sub-points he had mentioned into those four areas. His next steps are to take the outline we created and add meat to it with more sub-points and facts, data, videos and pictures that illustrate the sub-points. If you create a good structure for your presentation, your slides will essentially create themselves and you will have a smooth presentation.


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