Tuesday, April 05, 2011

PowerPoint Slide Makeover #73: Making proportions stand out

Below I’ve posted a new Slide Makeover Video Podcast based on the ideas in "The Visual Slide Revolution". A pie chart is better than a data table to show proportions in data. This makeover takes it the next step to show how a proportional diagram can be more effective than a pie chart in some situations.

The slides I use in my makeovers are drawn from my consulting engagements and training workshops. If you want to submit some of your slides to be considered for a future slide makeover, e-mail them to me at Dave@ThinkOutsideTheSlide.com.

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Blogger Just Another Abused Air Traveler said...

Wow. Most information designers think that pie charts are a very poor way of depicting information - really really surprised to see them recommended here. Both Tufte and Few talk about their weaknesses (generally, the eye is unable to do a good job of comparing slice sizes; they provide poor rank stacking; it is hard to visually combine non-adjacent slices to draw conclusion about whether, for instance, x+y is > a. See http://www.stevefenton.co.uk/Content/Pie-Charts-Are-Bad/ for a good summary -- and repent.

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