Thursday, February 10, 2011

PowerPoint Slide Makeover #70: Using proportional diagrams (example from Pres. Obama SOTU)

Below I’ve posted a new Slide Makeover Video Podcast based on the ideas in "The Visual Slide Revolution". In the recent State of the Union address, President Obama used some visuals in the enhanced broadcast on the web. One of those visuals was a proportional diagram. This makeover shows how you can use a proportional diagram effectively on a slide.

The slides I use in my makeovers are drawn from my consulting engagements and training workshops. If you want to submit some of your slides to be considered for a future slide makeover, e-mail them to me at

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Blogger Unknown said...

Great analogy to show the psychadelic pie chart to illustrate what's wrong with the infographic.

Bruce Gabrielle

1:54 AM  

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