Thursday, August 16, 2007

PowerPoint at Trade Shows

More and more trade show booths are using PowerPoint shows to attract the delegates into their booth. These slides rotate key messages that hopefully will click with someone passing by and cause them to stop and come in. But setting up the display dooms some booths. One setup is to have a projector beaming the images on to a white board attached to a flipchart stand. This is the cheap way to go and it shows. The image is so slanted that it looks strange and the setup takes up too much space in the booth. Another option is to just place a laptop running the slides on a table near the front of the booth. Another bad idea. The laptop screen is so small that almost no one can read it when they pass by. The best option is to rent an LCD panel and mount it in a visible spot. This gives a large, clear image for those walking by the booth. But if you are going to do this, make sure that the images are running before people come into the exhibit hall. I've seen too many LCD panels that say "No Input Signal" during the trade show hours. What does that say to potential clients?


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