Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Start Your Presentation Right

At the convention I was at this past week I saw two presenters make the same mistake using PowerPoint at the very start of their presentation. In fact, it was even before they began speaking. What mistake did they make? Let me explain. Both presenters used a set of slides to warm up and interest the audience as we were coming in to the room. One had a rotating set of slides showing pictures of her family and the other had a countdown set of slides that had interesting facts and quotes with a little reminder in the corner of how many minutes there were until the start of the program. Good ideas both. But when it came time to start the actual presentation, both dropped out of the introductory set of slides to the PowerPoint program, switched over to their presentation set of slides and then started that show. All while the audience watched. Not so good. They should have linked the two shows so that they could smoothly transition from one to the other without having to drop to the program. Remember that it is always about the experience for your audience. Learn how to use a good idea so that it enhances the experience not detracts from it.


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