Sunday, June 03, 2007

Don’t Miss a Golden Opportunity

If you get the opportunity to address a group on behalf of a charity that you are passionate about, don’t miss the opportunity to make the most of the chance you have been given. At a recent alumni dinner, the co-leader of a group was given the opportunity to address the gathering. Unfortunately, his presentation did not start well when he had trouble getting the slides to project on the screen. It didn’t get much better from there. His PowerPoint slides did not add or sync with what he said, his speech did not appear to have been rehearsed, he had little emotion in his voice and at the end he made no call to action. He had an audience of alumni who certainly had the means to give, but he missed the opportunity to increase awareness and interest them in financially supporting the cause. When you are given opportunities to address a prime target audience, plan and prepare better than you normally would. It is a chance that is rarely offered and one that you can turn into pure gold.


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