Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Making Words Stand Out

Sometimes you will want to put a quote on your slide and point out certain words that emphasize or support the point you are making. It could be a quote from an expert, a passage of a regulation or law or a small section of a document you are referring to. In any of those cases, you need to put the text on the slide. I suggest not putting it as a single bullet point because it looks strange. Use a separate text box just for the quotation. Always give the source – usually using a smaller font in the lower right corner of the slide. And make sure you give emphasis to the words that you want the audience to focus on so they see the context, but know what the most important part is for them to connect with the point you are making.


Blogger JT said...

On a somewhat related note, do you know of a way to make hyperlinks not stand out quite so much?

Here's why - I like to use hyperlinks - a lot - probably too much. The reason is that I almost always use Acrobat to convert to PDF, which does a nice job of embedding links in the PDF. And it makes the presentation a much richer document since it contains links to background and in-depth information.

(I can send an example if you'd like.)

However, in a presentation with a lot of links, the underlining gets to be extremely distracting.

I know how to change the color of the links, and it's relatively easy to find a color that is different enough to make the links apparent but not different enough to be distracting. But I can't for the life of me figure out how to get rid of the underlining!

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance...

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